Optimal evidence based strength training.


AST is a strength training protocol that features highly focused technique, deep training of muscles, short session time and weekly commitment. It has been shown scientifically to have a host of metabolic benefits as well as being a most efficient method of muscular resistance training.

There are many interpretations of High Intensity Training which do not follow the evidence based, scientific principles of gaining strength. They are “intense” but often do not match up to principles of physiological adaption – often in a manner that is in fact unsafe. AST offer high intensity resistance training in its purest, scientific, evidence based form. This exercise is undertaken in a very slow and highly controlled manner, there is no accelerated or uncontrolled pressure placed on joints, exercises are taken to complete failure in a safe manner. There is a lot of work but no sweating.

Strength training does not require anything like the time committment that people consider. Very often, when asked people consider visiting the gym 2/3 times a week, for an hour to be optimal. This is wrong. Gains can be made of a short term but they are difficult to sustain and participants in traditional gym programmes drop out in only a few weeks on average.

Not only does AST provide the most effective strengthening exercise protocol it is also convenient, actual exercise time takes no more than 30 minutes and can be done effectively only once per week. It sounds hard to believe but research clearly indicates time intense protocols are the most effective for strength gains.

Let me paint a simple picture that has a more complex answer to illustrate this. The 4 minute mile was broken in 1954 by busy medical student, Roger Bannister. His schedule meant that his training allowed only a half per day. This is extrodinary enough, but in this time he would exercise flat out for 1 minute then rest (walk or lightly jog) for 3 minutes. 10 minutes hard exercise per day! Our goals and methods are different but the same principles and science are at work. More is not always better.

Our exercise machines represent the highest quality in performance and versatility of movement plane and loading.


I honestly thought, this is too good to be true but I understood the science and it all made sense. It was hard and as I became skilled at training it became even more demanding – but not in anyway I have known before. It took three months but the results are incredible – I am healthier and stronger than I have been in 20 years. There are so many other benefits that are hard to explain but they result in me feeling and being healthier. Fin, honestly is brilliant. He has an uncanny ability to know where I am at in an exercise, his knowledge is deep and his enthusiasm obvious.

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