Ballet coaching

Kate, as a former professional ballet dancer has always used her knowledge of movement and classical ballet to aid in her teaching as a whole. She currently holds the position of Ballet Rehabilitation Specialist and Gyrotonic practitioner in Scottish Ballet s Performance Medicine department.

Kate has a very keen eye for detail and a refreshing way of explaining and encouraging. She is passionate and popular in the ballet coaching field with both adult and professional ballet.

Kate has been able to use her experience to help other dance forms too, such as Irish Dancing, and has really enjoyed building relationships across the dance world. She understands how, at times, this can be a daunting experience for the mature dancer physically and emotionally. Crucially, she appreciates how to make a ballet class something which all body types can enjoy without injury. Her classes are fun, educational and technically driven. She enjoys bringing the best out of each and every individual and helping them find the essence of their own dancing passion.

In a one-to-one coaching session you can work on specific areas that you find problematic or want to improve.

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