We provide rehabilitation for virtually all musculo-skeletal conditions. We use a broad range of approches to take individuals out of pain and immobility – often to a point beyond their original ability. We hope to implant within clients a lifelong love of an optimally functioning body through the intelligent exercise modalities we use.

We pride ourselves on the personal touch. All our practitioners are former professional dancers ot sportspeople that have encountered majpr injury in their careers – on a personal level we understand the impact of injury and pain to our lives. Furthermore, we expected the best reahbilitation for ourselves and offer our clients that same dedication and level of care.

We deal with chronic pain and injury rather than acute. We are not physiotherapists in that we will not provide you with a diagnosis of your condition. We are also not Ostepaths or Chiropractors – in that what we offer is not a passive therapy – though do however specialise in spinal movement. Frequently, our clients have tried a range of different modalities before finding sucess with our own.

We use a variety of active and passive, digital and physical assesments.

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