About Finlay

Finlay has been wholly absorbed by the science of golf, biomechanics and skill acquisition for more than 30 years. He caught the golfing bug as a teenager and resolved himself to become a professional golfer. For him, this was a journey of studying a vast array of approaches to improving human performance, countless experimentation, observation and questioning.

He is a PGA Professional golfer and PGA Professional Coach, an Honours Graduate of Heriot Watt University, a level 2 TPI Medical clinician, TPI level 2 fitness professional, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis practitioner and a Master of Personal Training.

Established in 2004, he is the co-owner and founder of The Movement Studio, a centre for physical rehabilitation, refined physical conditioning and musculoskeletal health.

Finlay, besides golfers, has worked with Scottish Ballet (12 years) in rehabilitation and dance exercise. He has been privileged to work with professional footballers, tennis players, athletes, boxers, rowers, actors, singers and many more. Apart from huge reward the diversity of challenges shaped his own unique approach to health and fitness.

He is still an avid player and feels vastly more skilled and able as the years pass! Practices diligently and is ruthlessly competitive with friends and family.

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