Elegant solutions to chronic pain, musculo-skeletal health and well-being.


We have a proven record in treating all kinds injuries from head to toe. We provide rehabilitation to a wide variety of Musculo-skeletal conditions and have a formidable record in the treatment of chronic pain. We receive referrals from a range of healthcare providers.

Common injuries that we treat:


Back injuries are usually complex in nature. They frequently correlate to trauma long forgotten. We consider the whole interdependence of the body in treating backs and work to improve posture, strength and flexibility. We aim to get rid of your pain completely and restore confidence to do everyday tasks or sports normally – without worry or fear of worsening an injury or triggering a painful event.


Feet are one of the least appreciated parts of the body until things go wrong. Beyond immediate mobility problems, painful feet will cause compensatory balance from the rest of the musculo-skeletal system which over time will cause more systemic problems and pain. Having worked for over 10 years as ballet dancers or in the rehabilitation and conditioning of dancers; our clinicians are best placed to provide you with programmes to improve function, strengthen and relieve pain issues.


The knees are hugely weight bearing and impact absorbing. The knee is a simple joint in that it folds on a single plane; when this plane is disturbed through trauma or poor mechanics that pain and dysfunction occur. Even chronic arthritic conditions of the knee can be improved with strength, balance and alignment training. We have leading, highly effective and ingenious ways to do this.


Nerve impingement, migraine, limited range of motion, neuralgia, are common problems we face in this area. We are generally protective of this area and our work is gentle and sympathetic. We strive to get rid of pain by encouraging gentle movement, reducing joint impingement and strengthening the intrinsic muscles.


The shoulder should be a stable and supporting joint – very strong yet responsive to support the arm and hand with all the variations of angle and stress that they present to the shoulder. Poor shoulder function invariably results in pain the shoulder joint itself; inhibiting arm movement and weight bearing ability. Shoulder pain can also be the result of trauma and the most common by far that we confront are rotator cuff injuries. The machines that we use to mobilise and stabilise the shoulder joint are without question the most comprehensive and unique.

Injury and rehabilitation

I didn't know a huge amount about Gyrotonic but was looking at something to help me recover from a back injury And ensure I came back stronger. Fin helped me do this and more. Through his sessions I strengthened my core whilst improving my flexibility and mobility especially in my lower back and hips. I can't recommend Fin highly enough, he has great knowledge and was very thorough with me during sessions and explained everything we were doing in detail.

Russell Martin


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