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Prior to forming The Movement Studio with Finlay, Kate Menzies was best-known as a professional ballet dancer with Scottish ballet. Today she is highly regarded for her abilities to rehabilitate injuries both within as well as outside of the dance world. Kate works with a huge demographic of ages, injuries and abilities and has had huge success in rehabilitating many injuries from back pain and sciatica to broken bones and neural conditions. Alongside her clients at The Movement Studio she is also works within the Performance Medicine department at Scottish Ballet as its Gyrotonic and Ballet Rehabilitation Specialist.

Kate began her training at the Dance School of Scotland before being accepted at the Royal Ballet school in London. She danced with Birmingham Royal ballet and the Royal Ballet before joining Scottish ballet in 1995 where she remained for ten years before retiring aged 29, to start her own business.

Kate had always had a keen interest in sport and exercise but during her career she developed a back injury. During her various phases of rehabilitation, she searched for something which could maintain her fitness without further compromising her back injury.

Kate was led to Gyrotonic and was amazed by its precision and effects as an exercise regime.  Gyrotonic not only allowed her to keep up the required standard of extreme fitness a dancer requires but also manage and recover from her injury in a controlled and safe way.

On her return to rehearsals Kate felt stronger, sharper and able to hone her technique in a new and more effective way. Kate realised the benefits of Gyrotonic were not only essential for dancers but that Gyrotonic could provide a huge benefit to people with or without injuries and from all walks of life.

After retiring from her dancing career she soon became Scottish ballets resident Gyrotonic trainer and also began the business, originally called “Equilibrium Exercise”. Kate is a trained and certified Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis practitioner. She has also completed training in the Jumping Stretching Board, Gyrotoner, Leg Extension Unit and GYROTONIC for Golf. With a lifelong passion in the art and science of the moving body she continues to expand her knowledge within her chosen field with study in disciplines as diverse as Biomechanics and Movement Therapy.

Kate particularly enjoys working with people with injuries and has had huge success in this area. She uses her background of movement to enable others to move and get the most out of their own bodies after injury. After three children Kate has had first-hand experience at how GYROTONIC helps pre, during and post pregnancy and runs sessions specifically designed for both mothers and mothers to be.

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