Performance conditioning

It is easy to assume that with strength training and golf in the same section that we are talking about achieving more clubhead speed and hitting the ball further. However these kind of outcomes on their own are not enough to satisfy our golfing self. We would all like to hit the ball like any top player but without an adequately functioning body (and I don’t mean a chiselled and ripped body) the risk of injury and chronic pain are almost assured. It needs to feel good too, not just satisfy our ego, in its best physical expression this means an evenly set pattern of mobility and stability throughout the body, an understanding of sequencing and interbody body dynamics, balance, controlled recruiting and relaxing of muscles. In lay terms it needs to feel rhythmical, strong, free and balanced – whilst getting the job done of course.

This is in fact the best possible approach to gaining more clubhead speed with confidence and control.

However, if the goal is not just to creat harmony and equilibrium in the body as a whole, but to create greater potential for power generation then Finlay uses the most advanced methods of strength training and muscle recruitment skill.

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