Golf injury, back pain, stiffness and misery…

The incidence of injury in golf is very high, with a particularly high occurences of lower back pain. This is not likely news to you the reader. The fact is that most golfers do not properly rehabilitate their back after a painful episode and return to golf as soon as the back feels tolerable. This leaves the inderlying physical condition of the back unchanged and dysfunction in the spine unresolved. This will lead to chronic back conditions – niggles, pain, tightness, apprehension in bending and twisting, debilitating spasmodic episodes etc. These will not get better on their own and in time can lead to even more serious conditons – this will also be affecting the way you golf NOW.

As a professional golfer who has suffered 2 traumatic injuries, Finlay is well placed to understand the golfers needs. He is also a TPI level 2 Medical Clinician….

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