Hypnotherapy and EFT for Exam Success – for Teens and Students

Unlock Your Exam Success: Harness the Power of Hypnotherapy to Overcome Stress and Excel in Your Studies.

Come along and discover the transformative potential of hypnotherapy as it guides you through relaxation techniques, boosts confidence, and banishes exam anxieties. This empowering approach helps you tap into your inner resources, enabling you to face exams with calmness, clarity, and focus.

During this group session you will be guided into a relaxed state through visualisation and suggestion. Through hypnotherapy you will reframe your perspective and build resilience against exam anxiety triggers. In this session you will also learn how EFT (tapping) can be used for stress relief and be lead through the tapping process.

Say goodbye to stress-induced study struggles and hello to academic achievement with hypnotherapy fand EFT or exam success.

Sunday 7th April 6.30pm – 8pm  £15 per person

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