Vinyasa Yoga

Join Gillian for a dynamic and fun Vinyasa flow Mondays at 5.45pm. Expect fun and creative flows that will guide you through a series of standing and seated postures with the breath. These classes aren’t just about flexibility but exploring balance in the body between strength and flexibility. Beginners and experienced yoga practitioners are welcome. There will be opportunities to spice it up and slow it down as modifications will always be given
Drop in: £10
4 Class pass: £30

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About Gillian

Gillian McGhee is an experienced Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga instructor who has been teaching yoga in and around Glasgow since 2016 and has been practicing yoga for more than a decade. Her classes are playful and energising; expect fun, creative flows that may prompt you get you out of your comfort zone a little! She invites you to be your own teacher and to take cues from your body moving in a way that feels good for you. Her classes create a safe space for you to explore and experiment with movement creating a balance between strength and flexibility

If you have any questions about our Wednesday Vinyasa Yoga class please contact Gillian at the studio directly by email.

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