Pilates with Ceza

Pilates is a series of slow, controlled movement that focus on strengthening the core muscle and moving out from there to strengthen the whole body. We not only incorporate strengthening, we also bring flexibility and mobility to the body. 

Pilates brings awareness of the body, it allows you to align the spine and skeleton so it is in its optimal position, which means less pain, it allows you to strengthen all the muscles supporting the skeletal system and  stretch any that are causing imbalances. 

Not only will you get better posture and mobility, you will also tone the body, get closer to those flat abs, relieve back pain, de-stress, feel amazing, get stronger, be more confident, have fun and have stronger pelvic floor muscles.

Time: 5 to 6pm and 6 to 7pm Thursday (60 minute class).

Price: £11 drop in or £51 for 6. 

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About Ceza

I started Pilates when I wasn’t in the best place, life wasn’t what I wanted it to be, my career wasn’t happening, I had moved back to London from abroad to embark on a new career. I felt unhappy with my body, and my back was sore a lot. 

Pilates was a break from all of the above. It made me feel amazing, strong and more flexible (I have never been naturally flexible – I’m more flexible now than I’ve ever been). I love doing an exercise where I can feel all my muscles working and it isn’t high intensity. I love that it is challenging and requires you to concentrate on what you are doing (great way to escape when you’ve got a million things going on in your head). I love how more in tune I am with my body.

I love being the one to give this to my clients – a place to come to get fitter, be challenged physically, feel great and know they have a supportive teacher and group of people there with them, and we can have a laugh too. 

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