Therapeutic and sports massage with Caitlin

You don’t need to be injured to come and receive treatment, although many of us often leave it until it begins to interfere with our daily living before we do anything about our well-being. The age old saying “prevention is better than cure” is true. Whether you are a sportsman/woman looking to keep your body in top form or you are simply just needing the stress and tension in your neck, back, and body to be released, Caitlin offers an individualized approach to her massage therapy to suit your current needs. She has a range of experience in the sports sector having worked with teams and individuals in rugby, football, athletics and road running, golf, and dancing (ballet and contemporary) to name a few. 

She also has a special interest in working with chronic pain syndromes, auto-immune conditions, as well as headaches and migraines. 


60 min – £45 

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