Yoga Nidra

Learn to fully relax your whole being with Yoga Nidra, an ancient practice to consciously let go. Also known as yogic sleep, this powerful practice will systematically release tensions from all the layers of your being to leave you feeling more connected to yourself and the world around you. This is a great way to destress and anyone can practice! All you need is a little space to lie down, become comfortable and listen. Allow yourself 30 minutes to recharge and start experiencing the benefits of Yoga Nidra.

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Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing) to calm a busy mind.

… to calm a busy mind.
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A Flow to put a Spring in your step

Begin to rise up like the energy of spring with this 40 minute flow!

Yoga Flow

Maxine Innes is passionate about yoga and has a keen interest in the vast health benefits it offers. She believes pranayama and meditation should be part of our daily rituals to maintain health & vitality! Why not try a short practice and become aware of how you feel. Maxine advocates yoga for everyone and strives to offer practices to suit all needs and abilities. Yoga is a true practice of self care, where we take an active role in protecting ones own well being and happiness. Its truly worth the investment and it benefits not only ourselves but those we share our lives with.

The body benefits from movement,

The mind benefits from stillness.

Simply receiving what is here without controlling.

Receiving the ultimate gift of an inhale & exhale.

Counting back from 50 using our breath.

Maxine-Innes Seasonal Hatha Yoga

About Maxine

I have been practising yoga for about 20 years and its been the best teacher in my life.  Whatever life throws at me I feel I can call upon yoga to guide me through, with breath and movement informing who I am every day.

I’m a certified yoga teacher, completing my 200Hr Teacher Training in Seasonal Yoga with Julie Hanson and Sue Woodd in 2013.

 I have also trained with Jyoti Jo Manuel who has led the path in the UK for teaching children with Additional Support Needs (ASN).  I currently work in schools in Glasgow using yoga as a therapeutic intervention to assist children with complex and ASN to reach their full potential.  I also run yoga classes for parents and staff in schools.

As a lifelong student of yoga, I am on a journey of self-enquiry and discovery.  My interest on the impact of yoga on the nervous system has increased greatly over the years as I have personally become aware of the effect of yoga on calming and balancing the systems.  I trained with Jo Lockhart to understand more about the stress response which was insightful and has directly impacted on my teaching when guiding more stressed population groups through yoga sessions.

My intention is to create a bit more space for my students:  space to breathe, space to grow and space to be.

Absolutely anyone can practise yoga, hope to see you on the mat soon!

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Seasonal Hatha Yoga Yoga

Seasonal Hatha Yoga with Maxine Innes

Yoga teaches; if the mind is agitated and stressed, one’s physical health is compromised.

Seasonal hatha yoga blends ancient yoga practices with a modern seasonal flow. This class will help quieten your mind, develop vitality and find more balance and peace amid the ups and downs of life!

My holistic approach to guiding a yoga class deals not only with the physical body but the mental and emotional bodies too.

Starting with a grounding warm up which includes pranayama (breath control) we will set the scene for our seasonal flow which is a continual stream of asanas (postures) that relate to the current season. You will gain strength and flexibility within the body and build endurance.

The ‘flow’ is designed to stimulate a pair of organs associated with the season which will promote optimal health and wellbeing, strengthening the respiratory and circulatory system. The class will conclude with a cool down and deep relaxation, leaving you feeling rejuvenated for the day ahead!

This class is suitable for all levels.

Find out more about Maxine here.

Maxine has a wonderful way of teaching yoga that is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Maxine’s warm and caring personality makes it such a pleasure to learn from her. She is very attentive to everyone in the class and makes helpful adjustments which I really appreciate. She is sensitive and accommodating of everyone which gives her classes such a lovely atmosphere. I can really feel my yoga improving thanks to Maxine and I always feel very inspired after her classes. I definitely recommend learning yoga with Maxine.

Anna Thomson

Maxine’s classes are amazing. They are just what I need after a day in the classroom! The classes are relaxing yet there is challenge to them. They are pitched at just the right level for us and they benefit me greatly.


I cannot emphasise enough how much I enjoy Maxine’s class, having started as a total beginner I have found her classes easy to follow and have seen myself improve massively over the months I have been going. She offers a great mix of breath work and dynamic yoga moves. Although the class is challenging at times she always makes sure it’s suitable for all abilities. I always walk away feeling calm, rejuvenated and ready for the day! Highly recommend Maxine, she is a fabulous teacher!

Laura Heaton