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Louise Davidson Gyrotonic Massage Rehabilitation Orthopaedic

In March 2012 I had problems with my left hip. It was partially dislocating and permanently aching, a friend recommended going to see Louise Davidson for a course in Gyrotonic. This has improved my movement to the extent that I can walk freely without pain and take moderate exercise. It has helped to restore my movement to that of 10-12 years ago!

Campbell Stewart

Louise Davidson Gyrotonic Massage Rehabilitation Orthopaedic Pain relief

For the last four years, Louise has kept me walking. Damage to my spine many years ago had resulted in constant pain and limited movement. With Louise's help through orthopaedic massage I had relief from pain, greater freedom of movement and a better understanding of my body that allowed me to help myself more. When she introduced me to the Gyrotonic system I was immediately aware of how this system built on the work we had already undertaken through massage.The Gyrotonic system maintains long term positive change in the body which includes my stress levels! I would definitely recommend this.

Linsay Stevenson Scottish Area Manager. B.E.S Rehab Ltd