Julie Brown Yoga

About Julie

Julie Brown qualified as a yoga teacher from ‘Balance’ Glasgow despite have only been practising yoga for the previous five years. That fact, she says, ensured that her teacher training was a very steep learning curve – one she has maintained ever since, in fact.

She says: “In my class I hope to pass on my passion and enthusiasm for yoga practice as a constant fixture – something to hold onto when life becomes chaotic and also an invaluable tool in keeping the physical body healthy and injury free.”

Renowned for her winning manner Julie offers a general class suitable for abilities.

The format of the 75 minute class revolves around a sequence of positions designed to firstly strengthen the body, encourage the focus of thoughts and finally promote physical and mental relaxation.

The only pre-requisite, she says, “is a willingness to try new things and the ability to listen to your own body.”

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