Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow is a branch of yoga in which sequencing is creative and dancelike. The focus is on working with the breath to move fluidly from posture to posture.

Every class will begin with a focus on pranayama, learning how to control the breath in order to energise and synchronise it with movement. There are several different types of yogic breathing, and these will be explored through the classes.

‘pranayama’: extension of life force energy

‘prana’: vital life force, ‘ayama’: to draw out, expand, extend.

Moving into the physical practice, classes will incorporate a variety of asanas (postures), working to challenge the body and develop into more advanced poses. All this done through the dancelike movement and flow of vinyasa. Sun salutations are an integral part of the practice, and the creative aspect of vinyasa means that classes will vary each week as we develop our focus. There will always be lots of options and levels so that you can take your body to its own threshold and work to an ability you feel comfortable.

Balance, backbends and abdominal work will also feature, so expect a workout, balanced with a calm cooling down and relaxation to close the class.

Classes are suitable for all levels, including beginners and advanced yogis, and can be attended weekly or in a drop in basis. Duration 75 mins. Please arrive a few minutes before class. First time students will also need to fill in a small details form.

Reserve your place and pay in cash at the class

When: Wednesdays 7.30pm to 8.30pm

Comittment: Drop in: £8, drop in student/concession: £6
Block of 5: £30, Block of 5 student/concession: £25

Book now (essential, places limited)

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