This class is suited to all levels from beginners to advanced. Each student is supported to work within their abilities.
We learn asana with focus of awareness with our breathing, chakra,s and body. Learning to be with our breath to deepen our yoga practice, quiet the mind and develop presence. The many benefits include; improving; our health, hormone and emotional balance, strength, flexibility, balance, stamina, relaxation, meditation and expand our awareness. The entire class is a meditation, and is also a very complimentary yoga practice for meditators.

What is Sam-Yoga

Samyoga means coming together. Greta’s Yoga approach is called Samyoga because the purpose of this practice is to develop awareness of our true nature, the unknown. The focus of class is aimed at developing awareness, balancing the breath and the chakra’s, whilst practising traditional and contemporary yoga postures.
The nature of mind is to wander. As we relate with our body through awareness, breathing and asana, we can clean unhelpful patterns which separate us from our true nature. As we bring our awareness back to our breath, as we gradually loose our identification with our thoughts, what remains is silence, presence, awareness.

“In the entire creation there is nothing more purifying than attention. This attention is the light of consciousness, which reveals the truth and the delusions. Abiding in the heart as attention is the perfection of yoga” Bhagavad Gita

Behind all experiences is awareness. All experiences happen in awareness. The recognition of awareness behind all experiences is yoga.

“The innermost self abiding in the heart, is the true guru. When we allow our own awareness to become our teacher, there is nothing in the universe that can be compared to the infinite possibilities and power of this guru” Bhagavad Gita

When: 6:00 to 7:30 pm Fridays

Comittment: £10 drop-in, concessions available see Greta.

Book now (essential, places limited)

I have been taught by several yoga teachers over the years and I have found Greta to be unique in that she teaches from a presence which encompasses holism in the true sense of the word. She transmits much more than just the posture. She seems to be tuned into each individuals needs and capabilities and her personal touch is from the heart, refreshing and deep.

Joe Pieraccini, Glasgow

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