About Rose

Rose is an ashtanga yoga student and teacher. She has a dedicated daily practice, and has assisted on her teacher’s morning Ashtanga Mysore programme for the past two years.

I was first drawn to yoga to build strength to support my body, however it was the discovery of the ashtanga method that brought me the strength I needed to support myself, physically, mentally and emotionally.

My classes can incorporate elements of yin yoga, a stilling practice that cultivates patience and awareness through the release of body and mind stresses. Yin focuses on releasing the connective tissue of the body, and is a powerful antidote to the yang of everyday life.

I also aim to share my study of yoga philosophy, in order to deepen understanding of what yoga means beyond the asanas (postures).

Outside of my practice, I love experimenting with poses creatively, with strong and intelligent vinyasa sequencing, and look to infuse my teaching with this playfulness. My classes are energetic, curious and fun, and aim to develop strength and flexibility in the body and mind.

After having tried various yoga classes on and off over the years, I have now been able to find a focus for my practise with Cathy’s led and Mysore instruction. I have genuinely noticed improvements to my physical and mental well being since attending Cathy’s classes. Her Mysore instruction, as a consequence of practising at one’s own pace, adopts a very hands on approach which I have found particularly helpful.

Ray Clarke,

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