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Having practised one form of yoga or another on and off for years, being introduced to Ashtanga and Mysore was a revelation to me.  The flow of the practice and its synchronicity with the breath is one of its most potent aspects.  The rhythm is mesmerising.

Initially, I found the idea of attending a mysore class slightly intimidating.  I thought it might be difficult or distracting to be in a room full of people practising different asanas at different times together, but it was not like that at all.  You still have the benefit of a group energy but the freedom to practise at your own pace.

Mysore is also an amazing way of getting focused feedback on your practice in particular. You learn so much!  I really like the way Cathy manages to create a relaxed yet supportive environment.  For me, she has a reassuring, patient and encouraging presence.


Mina Al Murani,

I had tried a couple of different yoga classes in the past but found they didn’t suit me. I decided to try the Ashtanga style of yoga and attended Cathy’s ‘Introduction to Ashtanga’ workshop and I’m glad I did. I feel safe in Cathy’s classes and leave feeling calmer and more energised. I look forward to each class and have been inspired to combine her led beginners classes with home practice and investigating Ashtanga philosophy further.

Giga Gray,

After having tried various yoga classes on and off over the years, I have now been able to find a focus for my practise with Cathy’s led and Mysore instruction. I have genuinely noticed improvements to my physical and mental well being since attending Cathy’s classes. Her Mysore instruction, as a consequence of practising at one’s own pace, adopts a very hands on approach which I have found particularly helpful.


Ray Clarke,

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