Belly dancing with Amanda

This is an open-level, Egyptian style belly dance class. It is suitable for complete beginners to dance as well as more experienced dancers. It is fun, sociable and non-judgemental. As well as the basic techniques, you will learn to layer movements, to express the music and to recognise the common Egyptian/Middle Eastern rhythms. We dance barefoot, dance pumps are fine too, and wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in. There is no requirement for revealing clothing, although we don't wear anything too loose so that we can see our movements.

Time: Tuesdays 6.30 to 7.30pm (classes start on the 19th of March).

Cost: £38 (£30 concessionary) for 6 week block, £7.50 (£6 concessionary) drop-in

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Amanda is a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher, she is patient, encouraging and always willing to answer questions. She has a real gift for sharing her love for the dance, and attending her classes always puts me in a good mood! Her teaching style is fun and relaxed, but she also knows when to give you a challenge! I would recommend her teaching to beginners and to more advanced students alike

Helen W | The Movement Studio,

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