Sports Massage with Deryck Cozens


Swedish Deep Tissue Massage
60 Mins - £45

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This amazing deep tissue head to toe treatment will help relieve tension and stress throughout the body, helping you relax and leave you invigorated.
It focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue.
This treatment helps with chronic muscle pain and injuries from overuse causing stiffness.
By increasing circulation the massage increases the blood supply and nutrients to the muscles. Swedish Massage both calms the nervous system and relaxes muscular tension. It can help reduce stress, increase flexibility, improve posture and Improve Blood Circulation.
Sports Massage
60 Mins - £45

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Sports Massage Therapy (SMT) is a form of deep tissue massage. This treatment is deeper and firmer than Swedish or holistic massages. However, will result in relieving stresses and tensions that build up in soft tissue areas from physical activities of any kind due to overuse, over-exertion of the body from which minor injuries can arise as well as aches, pains and strains. SMT can assist recovery in these situations and even more importantly when used effectively it can help to prevent small annoying and debilitating injuries that can adversely affect and athlete's performance.


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I had the one hour mobile deep tissue massage. This was my first deep tissue massage but Deryck instantly made me feel at ease. Detailed consultation and also asked about specific areas that were causing problems. Having previously had back spasms I identified my back. He explained how the massage improves health, ensured I was comfortable throughout and gave me some pointers for after care. I felt the benefit of the massage physically and mentally. Deryck was very knowledgable, professional and I would highly recommend

Sharifa, Glasgow

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