From Ashtanga to Kundalini yoga, beginner to experienced student; we have a class for you. The Movement Studio is an established centre for yoga excellence. We have very experienced and established yoga teachers in a variety of practices.

Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing) to calm a busy mind.

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A Flow to put a Spring in your step

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Gentle Yoga

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Heart Yoga

This class is suited to all levels from beginners to advanced.  Each student is supported to work within their abilities. We learn asana with focus on the quality of our relationship with our bodies and intelligence systems. We develop awareness with our breathing, chakra systems, body, and heart. We use sounding to support our in-body […]

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Greta Online, Heart Yoga Class.

New Online SAM yoga class from Greta Pattison.

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After years of working in an office as an accountant my body had seized up. I came to Greta too learn yoga because I wanted to be able to sit cross legged on the floor. Greta’s approach is very caring, warm and sincere. I felt very safe and inspired to develop my practice. After one year I was able to sit crossed legged on the floor, my body had opened up, I was breathing fully and able to relax deeply. My health improved greatly and I have found myself with much more joyfulness and peace.

Didier Lyon

I have been taught by several yoga teachers over the years and I have found Greta to be unique in that she teaches from a presence which encompasses holism in the true sense of the word. She transmits much more than just the posture. She seems to be tuned into each individuals needs and capabilities and her personal touch is from the heart, refreshing and deep.

Joe Pieraccini

Maxine’s classes are amazing. They are just what I need after a day in the classroom! The classes are relaxing yet there is challenge to them. They are pitched at just the right level for us and they benefit me greatly.


Maxine has a wonderful way of teaching yoga that is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Maxine’s warm and caring personality makes it such a pleasure to learn from her. She is very attentive to everyone in the class and makes helpful adjustments which I really appreciate. She is sensitive and accommodating of everyone which gives her classes such a lovely atmosphere. I can really feel my yoga improving thanks to Maxine and I always feel very inspired after her classes. I definitely recommend learning yoga with Maxine.

Anna Thomson

I cannot emphasise enough how much I enjoy Maxine’s class, having started as a total beginner I have found her classes easy to follow and have seen myself improve massively over the months I have been going. She offers a great mix of breath work and dynamic yoga moves. Although the class is challenging at times she always makes sure it’s suitable for all abilities. I always walk away feeling calm, rejuvenated and ready for the day! Highly recommend Maxine, she is a fabulous teacher!

Laura Heaton