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About Melanie

I have a curiosity for how people move and inhabit their bodies. This has been the inspiration for my 18 years of teaching. Yoga is many things to many people, for me, the value is in an attention to and care for how we move as we go about the everyday. A sense of practicing a range of movement, so when change comes into our lives, we have the potential to go with it.
I have taught yoga classes to people from 4-93 years of age and have discovered something from each of them. I am always seeking to learn and hence inform my teaching and practice, Here are a few highlights of the training behind my teaching:

• British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training
• MPhil (Ecology of Perception: Yoga as a Dancing Ecology)
• Training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
• Youth Mindfulness Instructor
• Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs
• Yoga as a Therapy for Children with Developmental Challenges
• Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

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