Maxine-Innes Seasonal Hatha Yoga

About Maxine

I have been practising yoga for about 20 years and its been the best teacher in my life.  Whatever life throws at me I feel I can call upon yoga to guide me through, with breath and movement informing who I am every day.

I’m a certified yoga teacher, completing my 200Hr Teacher Training in Seasonal Yoga with Julie Hanson and Sue Woodd in 2013.

 I have also trained with Jyoti Jo Manuel who has led the path in the UK for teaching children with Additional Support Needs (ASN).  I currently work in schools in Glasgow using yoga as a therapeutic intervention to assist children with complex and ASN to reach their full potential.  I also run yoga classes for parents and staff in schools.

As a lifelong student of yoga, I am on a journey of self-enquiry and discovery.  My interest on the impact of yoga on the nervous system has increased greatly over the years as I have personally become aware of the effect of yoga on calming and balancing the systems.  I trained with Jo Lockhart to understand more about the stress response which was insightful and has directly impacted on my teaching when guiding more stressed population groups through yoga sessions.

My intention is to create a bit more space for my students:  space to breathe, space to grow and space to be.

Absolutely anyone can practise yoga, hope to see you on the mat soon!

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