Ceza Ouzounian Class video Pilates Pilates with Ceza

Pilates with Ceza Class Video.

Class video Maxine-Innes Seasonal Hatha Yoga Yoga

Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing) to calm a busy mind.

… to calm a busy mind.
Class video Maxine-Innes Seasonal Hatha Yoga Uncategorised Yoga

A Flow to put a Spring in your step

Begin to rise up like the energy of spring with this 40 minute flow!
Class video Dance Louise Davidson Massage

Stress Monkey Club

Short Taster link combining of some of the online classes currently available

Louise Davidson Gyrotonic Massage Rehabilitation Orthopaedic

In March 2012 I had problems with my left hip. It was partially dislocating and permanently aching, a friend recommended going to see Louise Davidson for a course in Gyrotonic. This has improved my movement to the extent that I can walk freely without pain and take moderate exercise. It has helped to restore my movement to that of 10-12 years ago!

Campbell Stewart

Louise Davidson Gyrotonic Massage Rehabilitation Orthopaedic Pain relief

For the last four years, Louise has kept me walking. Damage to my spine many years ago had resulted in constant pain and limited movement. With Louise's help through orthopaedic massage I had relief from pain, greater freedom of movement and a better understanding of my body that allowed me to help myself more. When she introduced me to the Gyrotonic system I was immediately aware of how this system built on the work we had already undertaken through massage.The Gyrotonic system maintains long term positive change in the body which includes my stress levels! I would definitely recommend this.

Linsay Stevenson Scottish Area Manager. B.E.S Rehab Ltd
Class video Finlay Menzies Funky Spine Mobilisation Gyrokinesis Gyrotonic

Have a seat and let’s get your back moving.

Hello. Here is a video to get your back moving and keeping it healthy. It’s quite simple stuff but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. Physical health in general is more about balance than brilliance in any one physical department – do these exercises with equality, balance and smoothness in mind.

Have fun!

Fin host a 45 minute online class on Saturday mornings at 10.30. This class is fun and interesting, easy to do. It is primarily a class that gets you feeling like you should – from your spine out. It creates good flexibility in the spine, balance and ease of movement.

Book Fin’s Online class now.

Class video Lynn Stuart Reiki

Distance Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. How does Distance Reiki work? Think of a mobile phone. It’s not necessary to be in physical proximity to a caller to talk on a phone. It’s the same with Reiki using an energy connection. You can make yourself comfortable or do daily activities. The transmission will continue either way. Following a treatment people feel calmer and more relaxed, with an increased sense of well-being and optimism.

Lynn Stuart Testimonial

I have been to lots of reflexologists but Lynn really knows her stuff. I was so relaxed I floated out the door.


Lynn Stuart Testimonial

Who knew that aromatherapy oils could help arthritic joints. Am really pleased with getting some pain relief at last.


Lynn Stuart Testimonial

The body massage was amazing, Firm pressure, working on all my knots. I really appreciated the advice given.

Class video Pilates Pilates with Angela

Online Pilates with Angela

A Positive Pilates Breath & Shoulders Class

In this brilliant video, Angela gives an excellent Pilates class suitable for anyone. Don’t be shy give it a try!!

Class video Heart Yoga Yoga

Greta Online, Heart Yoga Class.

New Online SAM yoga class from Greta Pattison.

I have been taught by several yoga teachers over the years and I have found Greta to be unique in that she teaches from a presence which encompasses holism in the true sense of the word. She transmits much more than just the posture. She seems to be tuned into each individuals needs and capabilities and her personal touch is from the heart, refreshing and deep.

Joe Pieraccini

After years of working in an office as an accountant my body had seized up. I came to Greta too learn yoga because I wanted to be able to sit cross legged on the floor. Greta’s approach is very caring, warm and sincere. I felt very safe and inspired to develop my practice. After one year I was able to sit crossed legged on the floor, my body had opened up, I was breathing fully and able to relax deeply. My health improved greatly and I have found myself with much more joyfulness and peace.

Didier Lyon
Class video Dance K-Barre Kate Menzies

Core De Ballet dance exercise

A ballet exercise class made with Scottish Ballet.