Yin Yoga

Combining Hatha yoga with Chinese Daoist philosophy, in Yin we are working predominantly on stretching and meditation. Unlike fast paced Yang-style flows, in Yin we focus on only a few poses, and hold each one for 3-7 minutes, with the aim of allowing the muscles to relax completely in order to work the deeper connective tissues of the joints. Gravity, props, and time (long holds) are tools used to help us work more deeply into the poses, gradually, without concerted effort. Since we are holding poses for longer, we have to work harder to control the mind, and use the holds as opportunities for meditation, self-reflection, and awareness of the body.

Prices: Drop in: £10 (£8 concession)
6 class pass: £40
8 class pass: £50
Special offer for new students: 5 class pass for £25 (valid for 2 months) or 3 class pass for £15 (valid for 2 months)

Time: Sunday 5.00-6.15pm 

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Having practised one form of yoga or another on and off for years, being introduced to Ashtanga and Mysore was a revelation to me. The flow of the practice and its synchronicity with the breath is one of its most potent aspects. The rhythm is mesmerising. Initially, I found the idea of attending a mysore class slightly intimidating. I thought it might be difficult or distracting to be in a room full of people practising different asanas at different times together, but it was not like that at all. You still have the benefit of a group energy but the freedom to practise at your own pace. Mysore is also an amazing way of getting focused feedback on your practice in particular. You learn so much! I really like the way Cathy manages to create a relaxed yet supportive environment. For me, she has a reassuring, patient and encouraging presence.

Mina Al Murani,

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