Fiona Bringmann

Fiona teaches vinyasa flow, which is creative and dancelike, working with the breath to move fluidly from posture to posture. Classes are suitable for all levels, including beginners and advanced yogis.
Life is a funny mix of chaos for us sometimes. I think that it’s about finding peace in the little moments. Remembering to breathe, to treat ourselves kindly, to emanate the positivity that propels us to meet other brave and likeminded souls. And not to punish oursleves when this lapses and give ourelves some downtime too. For me, teaching yoga is about helping people to feel comfortable in themselves, both in body and mind, and to access some of the tools that help us to lighten our physical and spiritual load.
I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years and it has been an integral in my development of self. In 2016 I did my teacher training with Frog Lotus Yoga in the beautiful setting of Suryalila yoga centre in Andalusia, Spain. My focus is on creativity and harmony, and classes incorporate many aspects of mind and body awareness through balance, strengthening and stretching.


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