The physical journey of releasing the voice

The Physical Journey of Releasing the Voice is a multidisciplinary workshop led by Zoe Katsilerou, that employs voice coaching, pranayama, easy yoga poses and meditation techniques.

Zoe’s work aims to help participants connect with and release their natural voice through making space and listening. When we have space, our sound is free to travel; when we are listening, we are more aware and respectful of our needs.

Focusing on the relationship between the voice and body, this workshop will help us release physical tension, connect with our breath and release vocal power.

Through meditation techniques, pranayama and yoga asanas, we will soften the body, understand its needs and ground it for engaging with sound. Using foundations of voice training, we will explore various resonators and the different qualities that they can bring to the voice.

This workshop is designed to:

- soften the body to help vocal release;
- harness the breath and let it carry the sound;
- help us discover and free our natural voice;
- improve our well-being and confidence.

Our voices are inherently connected to our identity and are an intrinsic part of our self-development. Let’s listen to them carefully!

Who is this workshop for?

The Physical Journey of Releasing the Voice is open to anyone who is interested in releasing tension and finding balance.

Previous yoga and/or singing experience is not essential, however, these workshops will be beneficial for singers, yoga teachers, yogis, dancers, performers or anyone who wants to develop vocal confidence, awareness and a stronger sense of self.

Requirements: Comfortable clothing and a willingness and openness to explore.

Time: Sunday the 10th of December 2 - 3pm

Cost: £10


Booking is essential

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I have been very impressed with Zoe’s dedication to creative voice and physical exploration and her considerable skills and willingness to try out approaches that integrate these forms. I have been admiring of her determination to investigate and develop her work with an intelligence and enquiring mind.

Frankie Armstrong,

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