Yoga and Mindfulness

“There is one thing which when practiced regularly leads to a happy life here and now, and to the culmination of wisdom and awakening. And what is that one thing? It is mindfulness of the body.”
The Buddha, from the Satipattana sutra.

What is Yoga and Mindfulness?

This class will bring together yoga postures, breathing and meditation, taught through the principles of mindfulness. The aim will be to highlight the connection between the practices and how they benefit one another. Yoga postures are a moving meditation and meditation is a seated yoga.

Jenny Livingstone found that her yoga practice benefited very much by applying the principles of the four foundations of mindfulness which she learned in her buddhist training, particularly mindfulness of the body. She felt an increase in presence and body awareness in her asana (posture) practice and a growing trust in the wisdom of her body. Likewise she felt her meditation benefited from yoga which gave her posture more stability ,lightness and energy.

Mindfulness is a practice of bringing awareness into the present moment, of noticing our experience without judgement. The result is an increase in patience and self compassion for our abilities just as they are. When we can accept our limitations and gifts without pressure to change or improve, a tremendous space opens up in body and mind. This can be a welcome relief in a competitive world based on targets and constant achievement. The benefits of Mindfulness yoga filter into our everyday life, making stress, conflict and finding our place in the world easier to manage.

Who is Yoga and Mindfulness for?

Mindfulness training transcends all yoga styles and no interest in Buddhism is required. The class will be suitable for people of any ability or experience.

An introduction to yoga postures, breathing and mindfulness meditation will be taught in this 90 minute session.


Time: Fridays 10 to11.30am.

Cost: £9 per session (£8 concessionary)

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