Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This class will energise you and help develop a sense of physical and mental well-being!

Vinyasa Flow yoga is a dynamic practice rooted in the Ashtanga tradition. The emphasis is placed on the breath and the transition in and out from the postures (asanas). Marta’s classes are dynamic, challenging and alignment focused, synchronising the breath to guide practitioners through a flow which detoxifies and restores the body and mind. The flowing movements create a moving meditation helping to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase strength and flexibility.

The class is open to all levels including beginners.


Time: Tuesdays 6.15 to 7.30am.

Cost: £9 per session

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After a working day sitting at the desk, there is nothing better than a shoulder-opening and back-stretching yoga lesson with Jana. With Jana all the worries of the day are left behind. The Yoga lesson is a perfect combination of Yoga flow and Hatha Yoga and great for beginners and more advanced yogis.

Beate Apfelbeck, Research fellow

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