Yoga flow

Jana’s Yoga flow emphasises Hatha Yoga as a dynamic moving and breathing mediation. We focus on three key elements: developing an unconstrained, full-body breath, working towards a healthy and safe embodiment of posture (asana), with a detailed focus on anatomy and alignment of each pose. We merge breath and postures into creative and dynamic sequences, garlands of asanas flowing along the thread of our breath, like pearls on a necklace. Jana takes the inspiration for her teaching focus from her students, her teachers and her own practice, weaving in pranayama, scriptural wisdom and the sound of her ‘koshi’ wind chimes.

As we breathe, we move, we laugh and we sweat, we find ourselves moving into a place of calm and quiet – the radiant stillness within.

The beautiful benefits of Yoga flow are open to everyone and everyone is welcome, and this class focuses especially on beginners and level 1 students.


Time: Tuesdays 6.15 to 7.30am.

Cost: £9 per session

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After a working day sitting at the desk, there is nothing better than a shoulder-opening and back-stretching yoga lesson with Jana. With Jana all the worries of the day are left behind. The Yoga lesson is a perfect combination of Yoga flow and Hatha Yoga and great for beginners and more advanced yogis.

Beate Apfelbeck, Research fellow

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