Four Saturday Workshops with Gong It is time for you to clean deep and clean big!

This series of workshops will give you the opportunity to clear yourself out and strengthen your whole system. 

Anger, depression and grief become trapped within the physical and energy bodies clouding your radiance and grace. Subconscious thoughts hold you back keeping you small and fearful.  But not anymore!

 In these four workshops you will move these emotions out of your body, clear your mind, sharpen the neurons in the brain and clean each of the chakras leaving you light, fresh and beautiful.  Ready to shine!

 The gong will be played during the kriyas to support and deepen the cleaning process or for relaxation at the end.

The workshops can be taken individually but ideally as a series.

As with all Kundalini Yoga these sessions are open to all but you will benefit from having attended at least one Kundalini Yoga class or workshop before.


Dates: Saturday 20th May, 3rd June, 24th June and 8th July (can be taken indvidually, or ideally, as a series)

Time: 1.30pm to 4.30pm

Cost: £30 per session

Book now (essential, places limited)

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