Quite simply having CST with Nicki has been the best form of treatment I have ever had both for physical aches, pains and complaints as well as my mental wellbeing. 

I am an extremely active person running a dance school I am constantly on the move, I also do a fair amount of weight training and intense cardio. I felt that in the 18 months that I was treated by Nicki my body was at its strongest. I have suffered lower back pain from the age of about 20 in turn this can often lead to pain in the legs. With CST I felt all these aches go away. During the time I was treated by Nicki I broke my arm. I had a cast on for 4 weeks post the break I had NO physiotherapy or treatment other than CST, this was 12 months ago and I have had no pain, strain or any complaints since. I also pulled my calf muscle running in February 2016, with CST I was back running within a week and again there has been no pain or problems with the calf since then.

I personally feel that CST has made my body more resilient to injury. I feel that the body is more aware of itself allowing small adjustments constantly rather than having to recover from injury. In other words it is very much a preventative treatment.  

I have been a long term sufferer of depression, which first started when I was around 17. I have had conventional treatment anti depressants as well as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. What I found cranio gave me was the ability to cope. It took regular sessions over about 4 months for me to really notice the difference, my anxiety levels are lower than they have ever been. I felt centred and in control of any situations which may normal cause high levels of stress, anxiety and panic. The entire time that I was having treatment I feel my moods were incredible level, the extreme ups and downs I have suffered in the past were not there. 

All in all I would recommend CST to anybody and everybody, it will leave you feeling like one whole being with everything connected and working as one system. 

Libby Johnson | Nicki King | The Movement Studio,

I first tried Nicki because I wanted some TLC. As a working mother with a 4 year old toddler Reflexology was a treat. But then I started feeling and seeing the impact of the treatment and was hooked. We tried for 18 months to fall pregnant and with Nicki's holistic approach to everything in life I tried Craniosacral Therapy with the Reflexology. I am convinced that led us to being able to conceive our second child. If you are looking for a well balanced and inspiring therapist with a holistic approach - look no further you have found her!

Chantel Samanek | Nicki King | The Movement Studio,

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