I started Bellydance classes with Amanda nearly 3 years ago and have loved every minute. The classes are good fun and all embracing, one exercise which empowers all shapes, sizes and ages. I now have a great group of friends I see every week doing something I love.

Gillian I | The Movement Studio,

I really enjoy Amanda's classes. Bellydance is good for the body, mind and soul and Amanda is a talented dancer and enthusiastic teacher. The classes are suitable for people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities and you will feel very welcome!

Lisa O | The Movement Studio,

Amanda is a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher, she is patient, encouraging and always willing to answer questions.
She has a real gift for sharing her love for the dance, and attending her classes always puts me in a good mood!
Her teaching style is fun and relaxed, but she also knows when to give you a challenge! I would recommend her teaching to beginners and to more advanced students alike.

Helen W | The Movement Studio,

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