Spontaneous Dance Movement

Spontaneous Movement is a fusion of dance movement therapy skills with the benefit of Afro-Caribbean rhythms. We encourage people to find their own way of moving and dancing. In each session we foster creativity, spontaneity, self-knowledge and trust. In addition, from the free movement we seek to reduce people's prejudices about themselves and others, increasing their sense of freedom and well-being.

Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) is a psychotherapeutic approach that is based on body movement to help people to increase their self-knowledge and improve their health. Through exercises such as spontaneous movement, free dance, breathing or stretching, people learn to know themselves better and make conscious aspects of their life that were not and this allows them to make decisions to improve their lives. DMT is part of the art therapies. It has in the 1940 and has a solid theoretical base and research that support it.

Time: Saturdays 12 to 2pm

Cost: £10


Booking is essential


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