HIT exercise

I like to think of HIT as the minimum medicinal dose of exercise needed to produce the maximal amount of health benefit. All you need is one or two HIT training sessions a week, and that’s it – you’re done!

HIT methods are safe, effective and efficient – and science-backed. It emphasises slow, quality movement, rather than speed or getting sweaty. But don’t be fooled – a 20 minutes resistance training session is tough!

Be in no doubt, you’ll work hard, whether it’s with your own bodyweight or dumbbells, or a mixture of the two. But the benefits are enormous: increased muscle tone, improved bone density, weight loss, optimal flexibility are just a few of the health improvements you can expect.

But with HIT, more isn’t better. No need to spend endless hours grinding away at the weights in the gym when you could be out, having fun, walking, cycling, heck even enjoying time with your family or any other activity you feel like doing!

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