Floor Barre - Zena Rommett Floor Barre Technique®

Zena Rommett Floor Barre Technique® is a gentle and effective method that lengthens and strengthens muscle, releases tension from the neck and joints, and promotes correct alignment. Based on the principles of classical ballet, Floor Barre ® is a system designed to work for bodies of all ages, shapes and sizes. There are no ballet barres in sight - the whole class takes place on the floor, and no dance experience is required at all.

Floor Barre ® is not just for dancers. Runners and gym-fans will find huge benefits from Floor Barre ®Technique – releasing tight hamstrings and correcting alignment helps prevent avoidable injury and promote healthy, better technique. Floor Barre ® Technique has had great success on older and elderly bodies, being gentle enough even for individuals with restricted mobility. Lucy offers classes at beginner and intermediate/advanced level, see below for details.

Time: Sundays 12-1pm (open class). Book Now or make an enquiry about this class.

Cost: Single class drop-in £10 (£9 concession). 6-class pass £50 (£45 concession, valid for 3 months from first class)

Please note: Floor-Barre ® is a trademark of, and Rommett
Floor-Barre Technique is a registered trademark belonging to the Rommetts and
the Zena Rommett Floor-Barre Foundation. All rights protected.

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