M.A.E (developed by Master Callanetics teacher Mary Adams) Technique

The Mary Adams Exercise (M.A.E) Technique was developed by master Callanetics teacher Mary Adams. Though an advanced technique it is accessible to all. It uses small and precise movements (pulses) to tighten and reshape your entire body. The M.A.E Technique was developed by Master Callanetics teacher Mary Adams, who brought Callanetics to the U.K in the early 90s after training in New York with Callanetics founder Callan Pickney. Mary subsequently went on to develop the M.A.E. technique. M.A.E utilizes exercise equipment (weights, exercise balls, resistance bands) to increase effectiveness. The M.A.E. technique is so powerful that results can be seen instantly, with just one hour producing similar tightening and lifting value as 24 hours of conventional exercise.

M.A.E Technique is suitable for all, regardless of your age, sex or level of fitness. It offers a safe and balanced approach to maintaining fitness, with movements which were designed to be gentle on the joints and avoid injury. The MA.E Technique can help increase range of movement, while protecting and strengthening joints, bones and muscles. The precise movements strengthen the deep postural muscles, protecting the spine and improving posture. This is the perfect programme to increase healthy movement in those who's ability to exercise is limited, or who have been inactive for some time.

Time: Wednesdays 11.30 to 12.30pm, Wednesdays 5 to 6pm. CLASSES STARTING BACK SOON.

Cost: £50 for 6 classes (£9 drop-in). First class absolutely free for a limited time only.



Some benefits of the M.A.E Technique:-

Flatten your stomach
Narrow your waist
Lift & tighten your behind
Reshape your thighs
Lift your bust
Tighten your upper arms
Elongate your neck
Tightens pelvic floor muscles
Improve your posture
Increase flexibility
Help painful muscles & joints
Increase energy levels

I have attended a number of Sarah’s classes now and have really seen the benefits. I play football and attend the gym regularly, but always felt my muscles were stiff and often picked up some niggling injuries. Since starting Sarah’s classes I feel stronger and suppler, I also haven’t had any more injuries during football. The classes are really enjoyable and Sarah is a great teacher, she explains things well and makes sure she gives everyone plenty of 1:1 attention.


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