About Amanda

I am an Egyptian-style belly dance teacher and performer, based in Clydebank. I went to my first belly dance class in 2006 and was hooked from the first shimmy. I love the art, the storytelling and the joy of Egyptian belly dance and belly dancers. Over the years, I have trained under teachers from across the UK and attended workshops with dancers from across the globe. In 2014, I started to push myself to learn more about the dance, its history and the culture that nurtures it. The more I knew, the more I fell in love and wanted to share that love. I began teaching in 2015 and it gives me great joy to watch students growing in confidence and falling in love with the music and the dance.

Amanda is a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher, she is patient, encouraging and always willing to answer questions. She has a real gift for sharing her love for the dance, and attending her classes always puts me in a good mood! Her teaching style is fun and relaxed, but she also knows when to give you a challenge! I would recommend her teaching to beginners and to more advanced students alike

Helen W | The Movement Studio,

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