Pilate, Floor Barre, MAE technique

Here at the Movement Studio we are pleased to offer the best in floor based exercises classes. MAE Technique (developed by Master Callanetics teacher Mary Adams), Pilates and Floor Barre are proven methods of deep conditioning, stretching and strengthening. Like all classes at the studio detail and precision are central to achieving the many benefits. Raw repetition and "burn" are rarely used as a method of improving - better is better, not more is better. This makes our classes more engaging and interesting. It also makes it accessible and effective for all - whether highly able, injured or just out of shape.

M.A.E technique

An original and excellent "no sweat" tone class by advanced Callanetics techer Mary Adams!

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I suffered from increasing back and nerve pain for years from my 20s through to my 40s, spent thousands on specialists and had reached the point where my ability to work was impacted. Now, after just under a year of working with Kate and Fin, I can do exercise again, and carry out normal, day to day tasks without worry or stress.

Dr. Murray Stewart Leith, Lecturer in Politics

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