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Anyone who has children knows just how demanding they are. Obviously, pregnancy and childbirth place enormous demands and institute huge changes in the physiology. However, as we meet there constant demands we are required to sleep at funny angles, pick them up constantly, in and out of cars, lift bags of shopping – often all at the same time and one handed! This is not to mention the physical stresses of worry and lack of sleep. It is without doubt that our bodies suffer over the first few years. Both Kate and Finlay know this from personal experience. The benefits of Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis for our posture and well being are profound and can reverse the ravages of looking after childen.

Both Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis are ideal exercise during pregnancy. Pregnancy puts tremendous strain on the body. Ligaments become lax and the skeleton loses support. The systems work the small muscles that support the skeleton so you have the tone and co-ordination to compensate. They help relieve lower back pain and constipation, whilst energising the body to combat fatigue. The improvements to blood circulation and deep muscular activity help prevent swollen legs and varicose veins and will increase blood circulation and oxygen to the womb. The systems will also build strength and stamina for the birthing process.

During pregnancy our bodies take on a mind of their own, and change in ways we never thought they could or would.
Exercise through pregnancy has been shown to be extreemely beneficial. Following a careful pattern of strengthening exercises, gentle stretches and relaxation Gyrotonic can help to relieve many of the side affects our bodies have through pregnancy. Keeping us fit and healthy.

As the baby grows the affects of lifting and comforting, doing things with one hand all take their toll. It is vital to regain control of our body, as it is amazing how fast you will discover little niggles turning into pain.
Posture is key as is regaining pelvis and spine back into alignment.
Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis intricate and explicit attention to detail allows the body to regain strength, allignment, flexibility and posture as well as bringing an increased sense of well being and energy.

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I suffered debilitating, chronic lower back pain for years. I attended several clinicians with very mixed results. Eventually, in desperation, I stumbled into the Park Practice and was seen by Dr Dawn Blaser, chiropractor. I am eternally grateful to Dr Blaser for recommending The Movement Studio to me for Gyrotonics exercise.

Nigel Kelly, Kelly and Company Architects

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