Finlay Menzies

Finlay has been a professional golfer since 1994 and is a member of the
PGA. He suffered shoulder and spine injuries which hampered his ability to play
and like a number of his colleagues at The Movement Studio, he has used the
personal experience of physical injury to forge a second career as a wellness

Through the practice of Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® Finlay brought
himself back to full health and enhanced skill and he uses this hard-won
experience every day to help fellow sportsman, performers and ordinary members
of the public to find lasting pain relief, increased strength and flexibity
- and for those that need it, enhanced results in their chosen fields of

With his vast practical experience of fine motor control, honed on the
golf course and as a professional golf instructor, Finlay brings the drive to
help others and a wealth of technical know-how to his role as a founder and
highly respected member of The Movement Studio team.

Finlay has been wholly absorbed by the science of biomechanics for the
past 25 years. He caught the golfing bug as a teenager and despite not being the
most physically gifted of boys, he resolved himself to become a professional

After leaving University, where he'd immersed himself in the emerging
Sports Science, he threw himself into
the trust of professional coaches in the hope of fulfilling his undoubted
potential as a Tour golfer.

But his brush with 'professional' sports coaching largely represented an
experience of diminishing returns.

Finlay began to lose trust in himself and the intuitive skills and
self-awareness that had made him such a fine young prospect in the first place.
Very soon after turning professional his performance dropped and as this
happened he tried even harder to find the right coach and the "magic" answer.

For five years he relied on golf coaching as a club professional both as
a means to make ends meet and as an outlet to provide the same empathetic and
intuitive instruction that his own game responded so well too.

Discovering his calling as a teacher, he also rediscovered the eye for
golf. For the first time as an adult golfer his touch and his confidence
recovered – along with his form.

In the early 2000's he finally met a kindred spirit in the form of coach,
Kendall McWade. Finlay says: "Kendal
helped me trust my own abilities again and my ability to make the right movement
choices through feel in my play. More crucially though, he also impressed upon
me the example of a true teacher as someone who will guide and lead a student to
make their own discoveries. And that is something I carry with me to this day in
terms of my own approach to demonstrating Gyrotonics and its many benefits."

He says: "In this time I played the best golf since the promise I'd
shown as a 16 year old – in fact the best golf of my career. However, my results
were still not sufficient to take me to the next competitive level as a pro."

Finlay realised that his limitations were to be found not in his own
technique but within his own physical movement. But before he had a chance to
address what he felt was a core strength deficiency he also had an accident
which hindered his ability to practice and play. It was an injury that
effectively called time on his personal golfing ambitions.

He says: "It was then I realised that my vocation was really, not to
pursue my own dreams of glory but rather to help other people. It dawned on me
that as good as I was at golf I had had other, more personally rewarding, things
to offer - skills and experience that could make a profound impact on the lives
of other people."

Having finally found his true calling, a decade on, Finlay Menzies is
widely renowned as a leading practitioner in the disciplines of Gyrokinesis and
Gyrotonics with a specific expertise in dealing with sporting and general
injuries, long-standing pain issues and conditions such as sciatica, frozen
shoulder, scoliosis and arthritis.

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After having three children and suffering from constant backache, Gyrotonic has helped me increase not only my core strength but I feel stronger all over. My pain has been greatly reduced and its definitely increased my range of movement. I'd recommend it to those wanting to see some definite results even after a few sessions.

Dr Abida Cathcart, General Practitioner

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