Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a holistic, calming massage technique using pressure, which is tailored to your specific needs, to sooth and relax the soft tissues of the body. Treatments can be combined with other massage techniques, such as deep tissue or myofascial release if needed. The most appropriate techniques are discussed and agreed during the initial client consultation before any treatment begins. Treatments range between 30 to 90 minutes long and the proven benefits of this therapy include:

• Improved muscle tone
• Increased blood circulation throughout the body
• Calming of the nervous system, which reduces stress
• Encourages lymph drainage boosting the immune system
• Improved skin tone
• Aids elimination of toxins
• Generally makes you feel good

Duration and cost: 60 minutes £40 Book now   90 minutes £55 Book now

Quite simply having Cranio-sacral therapy with Nicki has been the best form of treatment I have ever had both for physical aches, pains and complaints as well as my mental well-being.

Libby Johnson | Nicki King | The Movement Studio,

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