Reflexology activates the natural healing powers of the body. There are multiple energy zones throughout the body from head to toe, which correspond to all the various systems, functions and individual parts of the body. The feet are the most responsive and sensitive to touch, which is part of the reason why this therapy is so relaxing and enjoyable. Reflexology alleviates the effects of stress by inducing deep relaxation by calming down the nervous system. It improves blood circulation, cleansing the body of toxins, which revitalises and balances the whole system. Reflexology can help and ease many conditions such as digestive disorders, high blood pressure, migraines, musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain and many others. Treatment of infertility and pregnancy through Reflexology has also become a focal point following several successful cases.

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: £45

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Quite simply having Cranio-sacral therapy with Nicki has been the best form of treatment I have ever had both for physical aches, pains and complaints as well as my mental well-being.

Libby Johnson | Nicki King | The Movement Studio,

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